Supporters Of Legalizing Immigration Claim Essay

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Supporters of legalizing immigration claim, “If we are serious about modernizing the system so that it serves our nations interest and reflects our values, enforcement needs to be coupled with a path to citizenship and legal immigration reform” (Berman 8). Immigration is a way for people to relocate from one country to the next, looking for a better lifestyle to live because those people can be free in so many ways. Immigrants may not like how their country is being handled, but if America were to do more than provide military care for other countries, it would help their economy and resources as well. However, with the already growing population of Americans, it would create a big dilemma to bring billions of more immigrants into our country. It would become very costly to provide immigrants with skills needed to gain their citizenship. In other words, immigrants should stay in their own county and let America help them were they are. To begin, jobs for immigrants will increase while jobs for American citizens will decrease. Immigrants who come to America are willing to work for low wages. Still, “how will a labor market like this provide employment for thirty-five million new immigrants, their offspring, and higher numbers of guest workers?” (Stoll 78). People of America think that bringing immigrants here would broaden the job industry as well as improving the economy. Consequently, most legal and illegal immigrants do not have the skills to bring in new work to…

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