Support The Facts Of The Social Problem At Hand Essay

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In this analysis there will be research to support the facts of the social problem at hand. The social problem consists of overcrowding in the prison system, but most importantly why is there a high percentage of delinquents. Majority of the delinquency comes from their juvenile life stage. To combat the social problem there have been attempts to revive an act that once helped with this social problem. Now that the act has expired for a few years there has been two requests from the federal side to revive something similar to the act. On the state side there has been bills proposed to help nip the problem at the bud. Instead of dealing with the social problem in the future, why no deal with it when it’s still a seed. There will also be research on the claims and claims makers in regards to the issue at hand. There will also be insight into the media trying to make a claim as well. The research will also state what the other countries have been doing to help combat the social problem that exists. After hearing both sides of claims makers and research it will show whether there is a social problem or is it being combated properly.
STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Adult criminals don’t just flip a switch and become a career criminal it all starts off in their juvenile life stage. From not learning the proper education during individuals in their juvenile stage, they begin to be exposed to elements meant for adult hood. How they are exposed to those elements come from skipping and not…

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