Support Programs For Disadvantaged Students Essay

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Aside from policy, legislation, support programs created to help aid youth in care and at-risk youth both academically and financially also played an imperative role in helping former youth in care have the stability and support they needed to be successful in attending college. Fifty percent of participants interviewed expressed being aided by Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS). EOPS programs are geared to helping enrolment, retention and transfer of disadvantaged students, specifically those with economic and educational disadvantages. The program offers specific supports such as academic and support counseling, financial aid and other supportive services (California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office, 2016). Participants mentioned EOPS services as helping them to be both financially and academically prepared for college. Last but not least, the positive impact of specific programs geared to help the youth in care population played a smaller but still important role. Thirty percent of applicants disclosed being part of campus wide programs geared at helping youth in care be successful in post-secondary education. Programs such the Resiliency Scholar Program and the Guardian Scholar Program were mentioned as useful supports both academically and financially for former youth in care pursuing higher education. Programs such as the Resiliency Scholars Program and the Guardian Scholars Program offer much needed compressive support to these…

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