Support Individuals to Eat and Drink Essay

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Support Individuals to Eat and Drink 1 : Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink

1.1. Establish with an individual the food and drink they wish to consume
Service users should always have the freedom to make choices about food and drink, thus the carer has to support them to make these choices, also taking into consideration dietary issues (possible allergies, diabetes, food intolerance) and prohibited foods due to medication (e.g. cranberry when on Warfarin). This information, as well as the medication is included in the care plan.
Then, by direct communication with the service user, using his/her chosen form of communication, the carer establishes what he/she wishes to have. Communication can be
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Gloves and aprons are to be worn when handling food; when no longer needed, they will be disposed with hazardous waste.
2.3. Support the individual to prepare to eat and drink, in a way that meets their personal needs and preferences
While supporting individuals to prepare to eat and drink, the carer has to be aware of the service user’s preference of where to have his/her meal. If the service user likes sitting at a table, the table has to be laid by the time the service user is assisted to sit down to it. The service user may be invited to help out laying the table, his/her condition permitting it. Napkins will be at hand; if he/she agrees, it is practical to have a big napkin covering the service user’s clothing ( I often use an apron fastened at the neck with a clothes-peg). Many service users like having their meals on a tray, while seated in their armchairs. If possible, provide a tray with a bean sack, but a cushion placed under the tray will also do. It will give stability to the tray and the service user will be able to concentrate on the meal and enjoy it. The carer will prompt the service user to wash hands before meals, or will provide a water bowl or a damp towel for this purpose.
2.4. Provide suitable

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