Essay about Support For A Culture Club, Choir Or School Organization

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• Problem: Ms. B states she is too shy to find new social/friendship relationships
Goal: To utilize her social skills to cultivate new friendships on campus.
Process: Join a culture club, choir or school organization.

Therapeutic Techniques
Considering there was only two sessions with Ms. B, I felt I had utilized the basic helping skills, which helped me attempt a combination of client-centered, and psychodynamic therapies into the sessions. Most of the basic skills used were active listening, asking open-ended questions along with restating feelings and emotions with unconditional positive regard. During the beginning of the first session, these techniques encouraged a touch of client-centered therapy; which allowed Ms. B to speak freely about her past, passions, family including her relationship with God and purpose in life. By being empathetic and reflecting her feelings along with providing minimal feedback, I noticed the client was led to speak more about herself. Even after she did not want to talk about the main issue at hand, she was still comfortable to talk about other factors in her life; which led me to pursue a psychoanalytic approach. With the curiosity of her financial situation, I thought this approach would help me or her gain insight of why she was not able to talk about her situation. Therefore I was asking a lot of opened questions about her upbringing and family history and decisions she has made in the past. Because of the cultural differences, my lack…

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