Essay on Support Equity And Inclusive Child Participation

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Gibbs (2004) defines Advocacy as “the act of speaking, writing or acting in support of something and someone.” However, “activism refers to direct action like protesting, or activities with tangible results, such as fundraising or researching solutions (EDU40004, 2016). As the early childhood professional play an important role in children’s lives, they can be the advocates for the rights of children. The main aim of advocacy and activism is to support equity, inclusivity, the rights, interests and needs of children and families, which can be done by following some specific strategies.

2.3.1 To support equity and inclusive child participation
The educators can develop a number of strategies for advocacy and activism to support equity and inclusive child participation in early childhood settings. Firstly, the educators can role model to include all the children in the early childhood setting. The educators should give equal opportunities to learn to all the children. Vygotsky (1978) stresses the idea “that young children learn in a social context under the guidance of more skillful tutor” (Ac cited in McLeod, 2014). Besides the teacher can provide the fair access and participation in learning experiences for all the children. Thus, as advocates of social justice, the educators can create a difference by teaching the concept of equality to the young children. Besides, the educators can support inclusive child participation through arranging additional support staff for the…

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