Support Children With Learning Disabilities Essay

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Within this Chapter the reader will be able to have a detailed understanding of the process of the research. To grasp what it means to support children in the classroom through the experience of my participants. Each participant will share how they are involved and share their view of what they have experienced. Throughout my career as a teacher I have experienced children that come in with learning disabilities that are identified and some children come in without a diagnoses, but with interaction with teachers and peers there may be a sign of a learning disability. The purpose of this research is to provide an understanding of how to best support children with disabilities in the classroom.
Guiding Questions
• How do teachers and parents the support children with learning disabilities in the classroom?
• How does inclusive classroom benefit children with learning disabilities?
• What type of professional resources, trainings or workshops do teachers get to support children with learning disabilities?
• What instructional strategies are used to support children?
Research Method Through my qualitative descriptive approach, I will be using two methods Phenomenology approach and Ground Theory method. In using Phenomenology approach method, I would need to gather data information from from all the participants by interviews, and observations. In this research the participant needs to have a student in class or be a parent of a child with some disabilities…

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