Support And Guide Children Via Social And Behavioral Sciences

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To Support and Guide Children via Social and Behavioral Sciences
Children, teens, and adults all over the world are struggling. There is no person who is perfect, nor does anyone have an “easy” life. I, for one, have not had it “easy” at any point in my life. Since the moment I learned to talk, I have been dealing with incredible hardships concerning family; mental health issues; sexual, emotional, and physical abuse; physical health conditions; financial issues, and more. I believe every person can relate, in one way or another, to the adversities that I have experienced. My personal goal is to help those people work with whatever it is that they are having trouble overcoming; I will do whatever it takes to get those struggling to a state in which they have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I have wanted so badly to be an Elementary School teacher since I was little, or so I thought. I have worked with children in various ways over the last several years. I have been a summer camp counselor, a Girl Scout leader, a Boys’ and Girls’ Club volunteer and student mentor, and worked with students in other ways as well. During the second semester of my freshman year, I completed my Elementary Education level ones in a Kindergarten classroom. Although I had a fantastic time and connected with each and every student, by the time I was finished I realized working in a classroom was not something I saw in my future. My passion has always been children and always will be, but I can’t…

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