Essay on Supply Of International Business Expansion

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In recent years Italy has become the 7th largest economy in the world and it has close ties with the United States. They have a favorable security industry. Although, today they world is changing vastly and globalization is ever present throughout the world. With recessions, financial crisis, MNCs is targeting locations to expand their businesses, promoting growth and finding cost and labor efficient countries. Their goal is to enter emerging or underdeveloped labor markets that will benefit and help them to achieve prosperity from growth in international markets.
From research the 2015 Globalization Index provides information on all market indicators that provides demand of international business expansion. Therefore, with its usage, we can determine which international economies would be successful for businesses. In addition, the Globalization Index provides information on the speed of expansion as well as indicating the possibility of international expansion in new, developed and underdeveloped markets. Based on research the private security firms such as BMB Security Inc., can view there is a worldwide demand for private security services and is forecast to see a 6.9 percent per year to $267 billion in 2018 according to the Freedonia Group . In addition, their study indicates that there is a historical demand for private security worldwide based on market environments, industry structures, company market share and profiles of 37 industry participants.…

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