Essay about Supply Chains And Supply Chain Management

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In the current market place, capital flow, supply chain, logistics are indispensable links for company. In the current years, enterprises put more effort on the supply chain due to the supply chain strategy has become a major aspect of corporate strategy. The real corporation is not between enterprises and enterprises; it is between the corporation of supply chain and supply chain. Both of the external and internal of the enterprises need different types of supply chain. Especially for the internal of the company because different products or services may require different strategies and practices across the supply chain. Both of the single supply chain and too many complex supply chain should not be simply used for business. The consequences of these would be an increase in costs or a loss of market opportunities. Therefore, appropriate supply chain strategy for different firms and industries is really important.

There are three reasons that supply chain professionals is really important for the company. First, supply chain management consider cost of each member that takes into account during the process of satisfying customer needs which including raw material suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution channels. However, in supply chain analysis, it is necessary to consider both of the supplier 's suppliers and the customers ' customers, as they have a huge impact on the performance of the supply chain.

Second, the purpose of supply…

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