Supply Chain of the Iphone 4 Series Essay

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Discuss the Supply Chain Management of a Particular, Product/Company/Service of your Choice.

In this report we will analyseq the supply chain management of the iPhone 4 series. This will be done by researching the different parts of the supply chain, looking at how they are integrated and ‘referring to processes and exchanges across multiple organisations,’ (Verma and Boyer, 2010) and how the ‘operations management consists of the processes that effectively produces, transform, and deliver a product or service,’ (Verma and Boyer, 2010).

Apple products are known to be at the top end of technological advancement, as one might expect, they involve a lot of components.
Apple in California designed the iPhone 4. Foxconn assembles it in
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Although they are all contributing to the same product, many of the companies in the iPhone supply chain have differing objectives. The most obvious firm is Apple, whose objective is to stay ahead of the competition in the smart phone market, constantly trying to make their products smaller, more attractive and more useful than anything already available. This shows in their newest model, the iPhone 4s which includes brand new features such as Siri and dictation, with improvements on old features such as a better quality camera with a faster shutter speed, Apple used the phrase 'the most amazing iPhone yet' (, 2011), giving the impression that they are the only competition.
Broadcom, the company that contributes to the touch screen technology, has different and occasionally conflicting objectives. While Broadcom want to keep the touch screen technology under wraps, meaning Apple must purchase it from their company based in the US, it would be more economical for Apple if they could have a contract with a company in areas such as the far east and Latin America which are 'low labour cost,' (Waller, 2003).

Another example of conflicting objectives is time disputes, between the end product supplier and a component supplier. Apple had problems when developing the iPhone 4 due to huge levels of customer demand before the product was even released. This forced Apple and the exclusive U.S. carrier AT&T to

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