Supply Chain Management ( Scm ) Essay

1327 Words Jul 13th, 2015 6 Pages
As I look back eight weeks ago when I first started this class, I had great expectations of this course since it was concentrating in Small Business Management. This is a topic that I 'm especially interested because my goal is to start my own business in a nearby future. My expectations were exceeded there were several topics that has broaden my knowledge and understanding. There were several areas that I found most helpful, and I was able to learn the most. The first topic was Supply Chain Management (SCM); I was able to relate the most since in the Army I 'm Logistics field; and my degree concentration is in Supply Chain Management. Second, is the topic on Global Opportunities for Small Business which in a way can be closely related to SCM. Last but not least, the chapter on Building Customer Relationships. For each one of these topics, I was able to captured and understand a great amount of information on how small business functions and should be managed. As a Business major student, and future entrepreneur each of these topics are very important to understand because entrepreneurs deals with the on a day to day basis. As an entrepreneur (founder/CEO) is your job to have a full an clear understanding of all the aspects that requires to run a successful business. Some of these topics can make or break a business if not properly managed. Even though, Supply Chain Management topic was briefly covered only in a few pages; this topic thought me fundamental information of…

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