Essay about Supply Chain Management Is The Backbone Of Any Industries

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Supply Chain Management is the backbone of any industries to its production and distribution system. In an organization, if a product is manufactured using raw materials from various suppliers and if these products are sold to customers, a supply chain is created. Depending on the size of the organization and the number of products that are manufactured, a supply chain may be complex or simple.Supply Chain Management refers to the management of an interconnected network of businesses involved in the delivery of goods to customers.
It include the storage and transport of material with inventory management system and process the material and manufacture a product and finnaly deliver to the customer with an efficient distribution system.
I have conducted the research on Humes pipeline system.
Humes, Supply chain management, Manufacturing.
Humes Pipeline System is the largest pipeline supplier for the infrastructure industries of New Zealand. Humes was founded in 1923 by an industrialist Walter Hume. They have 8 manufacturing plants and 22 sales centers in New Zealand. With SMC, Humes Pipeline Systems may have a way to identify potential competitors of the organization to understand how the company can add value to the supply chain, and provide guidance for the selection to find business partners. Correct position of all physical and information flows is important in SCM .It can reduce storage costs and improve the quality of their customer service…

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