Supply Chain Management At Naveen Jindal School Of Management

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Statement of Purpose I would love to express my greatest interest in joining the Master’s program in Supply Chain Management at Naveen Jindal School of Management. From my perspective, supply chain management is important for managing relationships with suppliers, contractors, clients, various teams including the likes of logistics, procurement, customer service, etc. to ensure the smooth running of the logistics process, and supply chain professionals are responsible for overseeing all the processes which occur within the overall supply chain, including the manufacturing and procurement processes, to improve the efficiency of resource usage and help companies to develop the long-term benefits. My interest in Supply Chain Management dates back my childhood. My father runs a successful overhead crane business in China. When I was young, he asked me to accompany him during business negotiations in order to enhance my understanding of how to build relationships with raw material suppliers. Hence, I used to visit my father’s factory frequently; moreover, as my older sister and cousin are both in the position of supply chain manager. I have seen how they negotiate with suppliers. They make different calls to different suppliers to compare the prices and to check their deliver ability. They also make calls to friends to ask them about these suppliers and their products. Gradually, I am well aware of the importance of a good supply chain to an…

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