Essay on Supply Chain & Ethical Issue: Heineken

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Supply Chain & Ethical Issue: Findings and Recommendations Heineken Company

A. Introduction

Ethics is one of the most important factors to build reputation and trust of a business among suppliers and consumers. Heineken, a Dutch brewing company, is one of the world’s international most brewers. The company was founded by Gerard Andriaan Heineken in 1864 in Amsterdam (Heineken UK 2012). With operations in 71 countries, the Heineken family owns 125 breweries, employs around 70,000 people, brews and sells more than 250 brands in 178 countries around the world. Four generations of the Heineken family have been energetically contributed to the success and expansion of the Heineken brand throughout the world. During the
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According to Robinson M. (2012), Heineken’s logos and banners are hanged on the pillar of a dog fighting in an unknown Asia country. Dog fighting is a bloody sport which is banned in all countries in Europe, Africa and Australia and is considered to be a cruel and violent activity. This activity seriously violates the animal rights. Although Heineken gave an official statement in order to deny their accusation, the picture showing the evidence is widespread on the Internet (Robinson, 2012). He also states that lots of people response their angry to Heineken and call out everyone for boycott Heineken. It is clearly that Heineken had fail in their marketing strategies.

D. Recommendations

In the meantime, the company needs to improve its image after controversy about bad factories’ condition and poor facilities, which led to the Heineken Company paying fines. It is necessary to regularly upgrade the operating systems at every brewery to ensure the process being run smoothly without any mistakes. What is more, the company needs to provide all the essential training materials and the required instructions to employees. If these changes are applied, the company will certainly avoid risks and pollution around the breweries and the beer brewing process will be completely accurate.
In addition, the company needs to focus on protecting their beer sellers’ health. Heineken Company should adopt some principles such as increase salaries, improving beer sellers working

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