Essay on Supervision of Successful Schools

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Supervision for Successful Schools
Jennifer Ponton
Grand Canyon
EDA 551

July 13, 2012

Supervision for Successful Schools
In three more weeks many schools will be opening on again across Louisiana with bright and smiling faces along with new clothes and school supplies. Many of the classrooms will have a fresh new coat of paint with clean, sparkling, desks and decorated classrooms. This is the expectations of anyone who has been in the education field for some time. Many of these schools will also have different leaders who promote different types of school cultures. Even with all of the new clothes along with new school supplies and freshly painted classroom, a student will
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My School Category
North Street would be categorized as a conventional school led by an autocratic leader who does not encourage teamwork. All decisions at the school are made by my leader who has very poor people skill. The school in my opinion is managed similar to a slave plantation in which she issues order and the staffs are expected to follow them. Rules and procedures are strictly enforced at my school and if the rules are broken or violated consequences are severe. Another reason why it’s conventional is because not many grade level and staff meetings are held that often. The staff meetings are only held at the principal discretion and when they are held it is used as a time for the administrator to reprimand the staff at the school about any incident that the principal does not agree with. Sometimes they are held to convey information given by the superintendent or other district personnel. The teachers also complain about poor communication being given to staff and by the time staff hears about an incident it is too late. For example the teachers at my school became upset when one of our autism students almost died at school. We learned later that this student suffer with severe seizures which cause him to turn blue and appear to look dead when he catches them. This information was never given to any of us and the staff members became very upset when the student left in an ambulance after this incident. Just recently the

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