Superstar Character Analysis

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The movie Superstar, casted in 1999 and directed by Bruce McCulloch is a must see! This movie is hilarious, to the point where you're laughing so hard you might accidently pee your pants a little bit. Even though, this movie is hilarious and could easily be taken as joke, there is a deeper meaning that can be seen throughout the film. Mary, the main character of the movie, attends a Catholic school and is raised by her grandmother, due to the passing of her parents. Mary has two main goals she is constantly dreaming about: becoming a superstar and dating Sky, the popular boy. Mary believe that if she becomes a superstar she will finally be able to kiss Sky and then become his girlfriend. However, the only thing getting in her way of achieving …show more content…
Mary is constantly getting nervous in this class because the "bad boy" is always staring at her. This is when the Mary explains to him that, "Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them like this!" (Superstar). The only good thing that that comes out of Mary being moved to this room, is that she ends up meeting her best friend Helen, who is also just as awkward as she is. Helen ends up convincing Mary to sign up for the talent show even though Mary's grandma strictly prohibits her participating in this event. Mary constantly is begging for grandma for her approval, but she consists that Mary's dream of being a superstar is unrealistic and that she needs to become a business woman instead. Mary is over trying to get her grandma's approval and signs up for the talent show …show more content…
She relevels, "Just when it looked like your parents would be triumphant again, the unthinkable happened! Fat Teddy McGinty's belly struck the record player, accidentally turning up the speed. And the stepdancers began stepping quicker and quicker, trying to keep up. And that's when your mother fell, and she took your dad down with her. And before the dancers could stop themselves, they stomped your parents to death!" (Superstar). Mary convinces her grandma that everything will be okay, and she finally gets her approval.
Mary's grandma gathers the entire special education class to help Mary prepare for her act in the talent show. Mary is shocked to see that her grandma actually believes that she can make it. Not only does she practice her act, she is also caught practicing her kissing on inanimate object, such as a pole and even a tree! Good thing she practiced because she ends up winning the talent show and Sky's heart as

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