Supernanny Show Analysis

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The Supernanny show based on the U.S. Season 4 episode 2, deals with the Chapman family addressing underlying issues on parental figures and duties within their nuclear family. The family consists of Brittany age 17, Moriah age 14, Ethan and Cole both age 4, and Quinn age 3. Sara and Glenn, both mother and father ages 37 and 42 respectively.


The subjects that requested assistance were both Brittany and Moriah. In the introductory video, both Brittany and Moriah, seeked professional help in resolving the ongoing behaviors seen in both parents that negatively impacted their daily lives. The submission video demonstrated the family dynamic of Brittany and Moriah, exposing their daily routine. It exhibited both daughters currently being home schooled, at the same time, both daughters served as parental figures/guardians for all three boys; Ethan, Cole, and Quinn, while both parents worked full time jobs. Unable to adequately focus on school, both daughters saw their grade scores lower due to taking care of all three boys and completing house chores. This
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Parents must make effort to set time aside and develop a deeper connection with their children. This could be implemented by organizing a bedtime story, field trip to the mall, going to the movies, going to a park, and or teaching life valuable skills. Both parents and daughters must distribute daily chores in a way that it does not conflict with the daughters academic or development of their social life. This helps create a suitable environment for teenagers to develop healthy lifestyles. Lastly, parents must consult in acquiring a babysitter suited to their children 's needs. Acquiring a babysitter will aid both daughters to devote their full attention to school work, thus, improving their grade

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