`` Superman And Me `` : The Literacy Narrative Of One Of My Favorite Writers, Sherman Alexie

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Because I am an English teacher, I am always intrigued by students’ stories of how they came to reading and writing, the beginnings of their path to literacy and their connection (or disconnection) from the educational system which they must navigate. No one student’s path is the same as any other’s; reading the diversity of their experiences of success and defeat, struggle and triumph, never gets old for me, and I find that knowing their literacy stories helps me understand better how to teach them and help them navigate the path to their educational goals. So when I read "Superman and Me," the literacy narrative of one of my favorite writers, Sherman Alexie, I was hooked. In this essay, which was first published in the Los Angeles Times in 1998, Alexie traces the origins of his path to becoming a writer, and his purpose is not only to convey his connection to reading and writing, but also to explain his views on the importance of education in improving the lives of American Indians to readers who may be unaware of disparities in the American educational system.

“Superman and Me” is broken into two parts: the first is his story of learning to read, and tells how a Superman comic book helped him understand the purpose of words, of sentences and finally, of paragraphs: “Each panel, complete with picture, dialogue and narrative was a three-dimensional paragraph” (1). He uses the paragraph—“a fence around words”(1)—to make sense of himself, his family members, his…

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