Essay on Superior Vs Inferior Parenting Skills

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Thesis: Superior versus Inferior Parenting Skills
Being a mother of two girls my greatest wish is for both of them to be successful and happy in their lifetime. I often ask myself what is the best way to ensure that this happens. It is true that the way parents raise their children will decide how well the child grows, in particular the mothers who impact their children the most?
Based on “Hanna Rosin’s” article Mother Inferior she states that some parents choose to only want their children to be happy. This article touches on many facets including how western parents are hell bent on making their children feel like winners regardless of their achievements or under performance. Whereas “Amy Chua” sees it totally different than Hanna Rosin. In "Chinese Mothers are Superior,” Chua, who was born in China, experienced some difficulties while trying to raise her children in America which she shares in her novel “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. Amy was raised by strict, Chinese immigrant parents who came to the U.S. as graduate students with very little money (Amy Chua) Amy writes about the struggles of being a mom and the changes she had to face in order to conform to society’s expectations. This is not only a challenge for Amy, but there are many other families that are facing the same challenges as well. However, raising children is undeniably more difficult for parents who come from other parts of the world due to the fact that parents have to conform to the American…

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