Fluid Chromatography Essay

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IV: Analytical applications
I: What can be analyzed? At present, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography is very useful in this industries. And it has been used in the many fields.
It’s used in the drug industries to process the compound relate to the health and life as a vitamins, steroids, antibiotics, barbiturates, taxol, prostaglandins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, or etc. Moreover, it has been used for the achiral separations and purifications of substance in pharmaceutical industries.
Food is the one of important part in the society that affect very large of people. And SFC has been used in the some process of food like extraction in many parts such as beer extraction,
It’s used in the process to determination of the aromatic content analysis as process as hydrocarbon separations like the separation of the oil.
Normally, the polymer use the degrees of polymerization for distributions. And normally, it used in separation of polymers as four types of them as polystyrene, polyethylene glycol, polyprenol and non-ionic surfactants.
SFC is one of the process or method to
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Dilute sample to the appropriate concentration. Then, using the method filtration to remove the suspended solid out that prevent occurring the obstacle. For modified, we use the ultrasound bath to remove all of the possible gas that stay inside the liquid. Then, starting SFC to run the process and using the carbon dioxide as mobile phase and using the modifier as ethanol and ethyl acetate work in organic compounds. Experiments use three different of columns. Tests carried out using each column as a single stationary phase and using a sequential combination of two columns. Then, substance will come out to the detector that’s UV spectrum and collect the data and get the separation. And Xanthohumol occur in maximum wavelength absorbance appears at 368

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