Super-Toys Last All Summer Long Essay

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Super-Toys Last All Summer Long
“Super-Toys Last All Summer Long” is a short story published in Harpers Bazar in 1969 by science fiction author Brian Aldiss. What is interesting in this story, is the fact that many different issues are shown, such as the emotional gap between family members in an overpopulated society. When the story was written, it was meant to be a look into a self created future by Brian Aldiss which is why the genre is science fiction. The meaning of science fiction is to criticize society through an imaginary world. In that way, it is not a direct criticism, but more like a hypothetical way for the author to express his opinions.

The story is told from the narrator’s point of view and it contains a changing
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Side 1 af 3

When Henry arrives home, Monica immediately runs out to tell him that they have finally got permission to conceive and raise their own child! “Their own child”?! Well, then it seems like David is not their child at all! It explains everything! Teddy as well as David are both constructed robots whose main job is to help Monica during the day. In meantime, the family has considered David as their own child even though the communication between Monica and David is nonexistent.

When Monica reads the letters, she starts to cry because it frightens her that David actually considers her as his mother; he also asks Teddy again and again whether they are real or not. David says, “I hate that old psychiatrist – he makes me feel I’m not real”, and, “Teddy – I suppose Mummy and Daddy are real, aren’t they?” after which Teddy answers, “You ask such silly questions, David. Nobody knows what “real” really means.”

As a matter of fact, what is real?! Is it a living organism that has been born or is it something human created with an artificial intelligence? In this case, the robots have gained their own intelligence, and they wonder if they are real or not. It actually seems like they are real, and then the question is whether it is proper to create them in the first place. This discussion is going on the day today when scientists

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