Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock Essay

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In the documentary super-size me Morgan Spurlock states "We live in toxic environment where we are almost guaranteed to get sick." One of possible cause of our sickness is in part due to what we consume on a daily basis. Since American society has become accustomed to a lifestyle that effected was the way we eat. Which eventually led to Americans becoming accustomed to eating unhealthy fast food. Corporations saw this growing culture and took advantage of this in order to make a profit. Eventually they began to disregard the consumer 's health in order to keep making their money. Since fast food corporations weren 't educating people about their products, Spurlock 's documentary decided to do so. His documentary "Super-size me" was made to show how much an excessive amount of fast food can actually impact someone 's health.

Morgan Spurlock conducted an experiment in which he only eats McDonald 's food for 30 days. In those 30 he can only consume food from McDonald 's for 3 meals per day. In addition if he is asked to supersize his meal he has to say yes. The rest of documentary focuses on how this experiment affects his social, physical and psychological health. While exploring the fast food industry 's corporate influence by encouraging poor nutrition for their own profit.

Before Spurlock started the experience he went to various doctors get a full report in order to make sure he could achieve. He also want to know his complete health status before starting so he…

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