Super Bowl Argument Analysis

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The Super bowl is one of the most watched programs. In fact this year “an average of 111.9 million viewers made Super Bowl 50 the third-most-watched television program in United States history” (Sandomir). Since it is such a highly viewed program, many companies pay huge sums of money to have their commercials air, Coca Cola being no exception, since they will be seen and ultimately influence numerous of people who view them. However, in the case of Coca Cola’s commercial, a pronounced controversy came with its message of diversity, particularly opinions on immigration. In Coca Cola’s Super Bowl commercial for 2014, featured is many different races singing “America the Beautiful” while promoting their drink. It seems the intent of the commercial …show more content…
Immigrants founded our country, thus making most of us their decedents except for Native Americans. Therefore, it is unfair to say that current immigrants are not a part of our culture. The representation of various languages, including English, Spanish, and five others, as well as types of people, men, women, young, and old, all wearing different clothing, is a way to beautifully capture the diversity of our country. James Poniewozik in an article for Time states, “we come to America…and we become American–but we don’t erase everything else that we were before, we don’t forget our cultures and languages as if they never existed, and we don’t hide them as if they’re shameful or less than patriotic” in support for the controversial commercial. Thus, the ultimate message of the commercial was not a rejection of English but rather a celebration of all the diverse languages found around the world. In conclusion, Coca Cola’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial was debated on, particularly on the definition of what being an American is. Throughout the recent years, immigration has been debated about, and predominantly illegal immigration. However, Coca Cola’s ad was promoting their product, in a way that was diverse, which is true about the United States. However one interprets the commercial, it is fantastic in incorporating so many different people and unifying

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