Sunshine Summery Essay

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The film little miss sunshine directed by Jonathan Dayton was no only a highly entertaining and funny movie, but also a film that had recurring themes that can be related to the curriculum we are learning. The first recurring theme that I feel is most represented throughout the movie is one dealing with behaviorism. This can be tied to personality and why we are the way we are. In the movie Olive a 7 years old girl from Albuquerque has one dream and one goal. She wants to be In the little miss sunshine beauty pageant in California. She watched a girl win Miss USA and saw how beautiful she was and how much attention she got from being crowned. She then also wanted to be in a beauty pageant because she liked the idea of the reward she would …show more content…
Being depressed is a major risk factor for suicide. Our book tells us that the worthless feelings, problems thinking, fatigue, and diminished interest or pleasure cause individuals to feel majorly depressed. Thoughts of death or suicide are a serious symptom of depression. After Frank was fired and did not win the award he wanted the only thing he could think of was kill himself. This related to class because Frank has psychological disorder, and even described as a mental illness. We learned in class that stressful events precede depression and with all the things Frank was going through those were signs. When I was studying in the book I saw an entire section on depression leading to suicide. I read, the risk of committing suicide are at least 5 times greater for those who are depressed. Also the genes of depression run in the family, so when Dwayne, Olives brother and Franks nephew, shows many signs of depression, it wasn't a shock. He "Hated everyone" including his parents he said. Now the movie as him breaking through it and has a happy ending but still the facts remain that it wasn't uncommon for him to be depressed because what we learned in class.
The last concept is one hardly mentioned. However, we did learn a lot about it in class. Dwayne mentioned earlier, late in the movie finds out he is color blind. All he wants to do is become a Air force Pilate but finds out his changed are

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