Case Study Sunshine In A Glass

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Sunshine In A Glass is a name I would choose for a lemonade stand. Reasons why a name is very important for a business is it is the representation of a business. It’s what customers will think of that either bring them to the business or turn them elsewhere. If a business lasts for years to come, a lot of time and money will be and can be spent in building the name. A name is worth a lot to a business. If a business has a mark or stamp that in itself can be worth more than the property or possessions of the business. If a business is going to use a website, they will want to make sure that there is an open domain name for the business. A business name needs to be easy to remember, and to make sure it tells people what the business …show more content…
It’s our task to make sure that the ambience is pleasant and provide people with a place to distress from their daily routine.
When there is a mission statement to entrust, companies can continue on course and stay away from loosing perspective of what their centered expertise actually is. Therefore, mission statements are more centered on what the character of the business is. The mission statement is more about the forefront of the businesses than the bottom side of the business.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The CSR is to be mobile to provide Sunshine In A Glass (lemonade) to community events such as Parades, ball games, Community activities. The lemonade stand is dedicated to doing business in a humanly accountable and maintainable fashion. Additionally, by doing business in a humanly accountable and maintainable fashion, small choices made on a daily basis can make a big impact. The customers have the satisfaction of knowing they are working with good corporate
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Some folks have come to the realization that a lemonade diet can help in reducing a common stomach disorder known as acid reflux. A glass of cold lemonade is a great way to relax on a sunny day not to mention it provides an array of health benefits.” Benefits Of Lemonade | Benefits Of
Pricing Strategy
A price skimming strategy focuses on increasing profits as much as possible by demanding higher prices for the early adopters with a new product or line, then slowly dropping the price to lure in frugal shoppers. Furthermore, skim pricing strategy would be the strategy I would focus on especially out in the community because that takes place more in the summer months. So if the lemonade stand offers a higher price in the summer months when people are more likely to drink lemonade and need something cold to drink when it’s hotter out, then in the winter months the price can be lowered to keep customers coming.


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