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Communications 1010 Midterm
Chapter 1 Question #2
The communication channel changes that I noticed went from the owners being the sole source of communication with the employees to the operations manager. The owners talked directly to each employee, but when the operations manager took over his source of communication became through written word and email. He first created an employee manual then went strictly to memos over email. There was never direct face-to-face communication any more. The owners lost their voice with the shop. They weren’t in on any of the new ways of communicating with their employees. It also seemed like the owners didn’t really know what was going on in each of the stores.

By having new employee
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Thank you for coming to me.” That way Jose understands that he has been heard and understood, but also he will have to accept that Coral may still have to give him orders sometimes.

Chapter 2 Question #1
The different cultures and demographic changes I have noticed in the Sundown Bakery are the different cultures such as EL Salvadorian, Korean, Brazilian, and most specifically even gay employees. They went from being a “ma and pa” shop knowing all the customers that came in and all their employees intimately at the shop, to being a chain store with several different locations. The family feeling was lost. They now have two locations and two kiosks in different malls. The owners don’t even know who their employees are anymore. They also have a lot of different employees who bring in many different morals and beliefs. It is not a “ma and pa” shop any more. They have lost their “face” of the shop. Each shop is going to be a little different, but there are ways to make all of the shops similar. The owners need to make sure their operations manager and employees know how they want their shop ran and what is expected of each of them. The owners can let the employees have their own identity, but when they come to work they need to be very professional.
Chapter 2 Question #2
Gender Roles is one part of Customs and Behavior. Jose who grew up in Brazil was taught that men do not take orders from women so he had a hard

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