Sundiata Essay

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If you want a taste of West African History Sundiata will give you exactly what you want and more. Sundiata was an interesting piece of literature to read. Unlike the previous two books we have read this semester I found this book much more simple. This book was much easier for me to comprehend and actually get into. This book exposed me not only to the West African history, but also a new religion. The story of Sundiata depicts the story of the foundation of the Mali Empire in West Africa. This story takes place during a transitional time period, when the trade network that linked towns and villages across western Africa attracted north African merchants who brought increasing Muslim influence. The Mali Empire was one of the great …show more content…
Women of royal families had a diplomatic role to play by marrying into the families of other leaders, in addition to their family responsibilities. Women were clearly influential. Women in Sundiata manage to stand out because of how they portray themselves as important, towards their children. For example Maghan Kon Fatta marries Sogolon Djata because he realizes that she'd destined to bear a very special son (Sundiata, 12). “The child will be the seventh star, the seventh conqueror of the earth. He will be more mightier then Alexander”. (Sundiata, 6). Another example is when That first wife, Sassouma Berete, uses her connections to make Dankaran Touman the heir to the throne despite dead king's wishes to make Sundiata as King. I learned many new things from reading Sundiata about the West African history and culture.One main key concept that stood out to me was oral tradition. It all came back to one of the very first things we have learned and discussed in this class. Oral tradition was important in the history of West African's. That is where the book came from being passed down and then translated into words. Another thing I learned is the concept of a new religion in Western Africa. Being raised as a Christian I was never exposed to other religions and never had much thought into it. Much less would I have ever thought that the people of West

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