Mark And Sundar Leadership Style Analysis

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It is based on two dimensions:
Concern for people
Leaders consider employee needs, interests and areas of personal development when deciding on the best way to accomplish a task

Concern for production
Leaders emphasize objectives, organizational efficiency and high productivity when deciding on the best way to accomplish a task

Managerial styles are placed in five categories:
Impoverished management - low production and low people (1,1)
Leaders shows low concern for both people and production. He/she is mostly ineffective and does not bother creating a work environment that is fulfilling and motivating. As a result, having a place of disorganized and dissatisfied environment.

Task management - high production and low people (9,1)
The style
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Resulting in a team environment organization based on trust and respect, which leads to high fulfillment and motivation.
Leadership style/behaviour on both companies

Both Mark and Sundar have similar managerial style, under team management, where they exhibit high interest in both production and people.

For Facebook, Mark provides necessary guidance and psychological support to his employees to ensure the constant expansion. For example, every Friday, Mark holds a public Q&A meeting for the company where he answers questions about anything. All employees are welcome to attend.
This allows all employees to have access to inside information about the company's workings and plans. From this session, Mark will be able to know the concerns of his employees and work on it to better improve on the work environment and employee engagement.
Mark also manages people by expressing his power of reward and coercive to eliminate non-conformance, including the Winklevoss brothers, Sean Parker and Eduardo
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Referent power
Sundar pichai is a selfless leader who believes in making people around him successful which helped him earn loyalty and respect from his staff. Furthermore, being in a company filled with exceptionally talented people, Sundar was still able to inspire the team with his work ethic, professionalism, integrity, innovation, risk taking acumen, enthusiasm and brilliance.
Expert power
Sundar pichai has a vast knowledge about the industry and google. Hence, people respect him and what he says. Sundar has a talent for creating products that are technically outstanding yet easy to use. In 2009, he introduced Chrome browser, followed by Chrome OS. By leading such projects to success, he demonstrated his abilities to swim against the tide. In the process, he earned the right to handle more projects, bigger responsibilities and with that, power and position.

From the analysis above, we can see that both Facebook and Google falls under team management which is a highly effective type of leadership. However, the types of power Mark and Sundar possesses differs except for referent power which they both have in common. Mark possess legitimate and reward power whereas Sundar possess expert power. In referent power, Mark have made Facebook successful by himself while Sundar focus on making the people around him

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