Essay about Sun Tzu 's Art Of War

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There is a book that dates back to the 2nd century BC, which is still applied today. This book is not the bible or any other religious scripture that preaches about god or miracles. This book is a guide for those seeking to gain an upper hand in warfare. Of course the book I am talking about is Sun Tzu’s Art of War. 孫子兵法 is (supposedly) written by a strategist Sun Tzu, to teach the world of effective and time efficient military strategies during warfare. Ironically Sun Tzu considered war as a “necessary evil that must be avoided whenever possible” (Tzu). War is fought swiftly to avoid economic losses. There is no victory if you, yourself are hurt upon triumphing against your enemy. However there exist various applications of the book outside the military. Much of the text deals with how to fight wars without having to do extensive battle; which could also be applied to out smarting one’s opponent so that physical interaction is not necessary. When we view the book in this perspective, in a sense, it provides tips on how to win competitive matches that do not involve actual physical combat.
I believe Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is an essential strategy guide for our time. If you ask any businesspeople to peg the writer whose thinking is most mirrored in both military and corporate circles; odds are that you’ll hear the name Sun Tzu. It’s understandable why this book is used for military purposes, but why corporate? First reason for the appeal of The Art of War in the corporate…

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