Sun Sign Style Analysis

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Sun sign Style advice

A woman’s wardrobe is a riot of colours and dresses. The never ending options on the other side of the shopping counter makes it difficult for any woman on the planet to make a choice. What would it be like when you know what exactly going to match your character. Yes! That's possible ladies, through the medium of astrology.
Astrology ascribes to each and every sun sign style statement of it's own and that surely going to well coordinate with your stars. Here we going to present you all the possible mantras for your sun sign which will make you stand out. But remember! The most import mantra is - love what you wear! Always! Aries

The first sign of the zodiac, fiery and bold are the words which describes an Arian
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To be in spotlight is the thing they always want. You can always trust an Aries to look great and outlandish no matter what mess they had been in a minute before.They can look equally good in a Branded attire or one that is picked from a local market. They are trendsetters plus their attitude and confidence add the brownie points to every style they opt for.
Colours You should look for - Red and other bold colours . Pales and off whites are the hues which can be selected to calm down the Arian nerves. Taurus

Choosy! Is the phrase when you talk about shy and introvert Taureans. Earthy, sensible and practical they need a whole gamut of varieties when they step to choose a dress for them. Whether it is a special event that is around the corner or simply a coffee catch up with girls, A Taurus female will always be organised and well a planned about the outfit she is donning. The Taurean sense of style refers to a dress that is comfortable and practical and feels soft and appeals to their enhanced senses. With natural good at their tastes and tasteful (read:expensive! ) clothes these often hit the right chord!
Colours you should look for - Pink, white, beiges and all earthy colours. Red colour practically has a repelling effect on the bulls.
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Virgo by temperament is reserve and withdrawn. These people are choosey, finicky and very critical when it comes to their choice of dresses. They are meticulously dressed and always turn out with awesomely well put together dress. A virgin will always make sure that the colours of their attire don't clash with each other.Floral patterns, checks, sensible cuts, conventional trends and modest fashions are things which are attuned very well with these oh-so-organised ladies.
Colours you should look for -The colours that are coordinate best to a virgo are pastel and pale shades of all colours from peach , mauve to light blue and light pink. Libra

An airy woman who loves all that is aesthetic, good and beautiful . Librans have classy , flawless and impeccable taste and no one can accuse them of being gawky or overdoing things. These women are charming in own sense of styles and plain colours Design, symmetry and harmony are Libran hallmarks and any colour that is aesthetic without being too bold and too gaudy is the Libran cup of tea. The flowing cuts and designer chic is the Libran sense of style which they carry with their unusual charm and grace

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