Sun Bin Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… He advised General Tian who served the Prince of Qi.
As a hobby, General Tian raced and bet on horses with the Prince of Qi.
The race consisted of three rounds. Whoever won two or more rounds won the bet. Whoever won least of the three races lost the race and his money bet on the race.
For many years, General Tian could not win the horse race. General Tian always raced his best horse against Prince Qi’s best horse in the first round. Because Prince Qi had more money and could buy the finest horses in the country, his best horse was always faster than General
Tian’s best horse. As a result, General Tian would lose the first round.
Then in the second round, General Tian raced his second best horse against Prince Qi’s second best horse. Once again, Prince Qi’s middle horse was better than General Tian’s middle horse. General Tian would lose the second round of racing.
Usually General Tian could only win the third round. Prince Qi generally won the first two rounds and General Tian won the final round. The
Prince won the overall race and collected the bet.
After Sun Bin was hired as the chief military strategist for General
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As a result, there are 3 10 5 150 different ways to form a committee.
Addition Rule
If Event A and B are mutually exclusive, then Pr A B Pr APr 
For any two events A and B , Pr A B Pr 
A Pr 
B Pr 
A B 
If you understand the above formulas, then you have implicitly understood the addition rule without explicitly memorizing it.
Basic terms – Understand the essence. No need to memorize the definition. Sample with order – The order by which items are listed matters. For example, two of the five equally qualified candidates ( A, B , C , D, E ) are chosen to fill two positions in a company --Vice President and Sales
Manager. If we first list the candidate chosen for the Vice President position and then the candidate for the Sales Manager position, we can assume the order by which candidates are listed is important. Different orders represent different choices. For example, AB is different from BA .
AB and BA two distinct entities.
Sample without order – The order by which items are listed does not matter. For example, two of the five equally qualified

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