Summer Vacation - Original Writing Essay

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Summer Vacation “Everyone wake up” my aunt said. I checked my phone to see what time it was considering it was summer and all. I hit the unlock button and the time read five thirty in the morning. I thought to myself what could she possibly want this early in the morning.
Then it hit me today was the day we leave for our summer vacation. I was up and off to the bathroom in no time. Once everyone was dressed we headed outside to start packing the car. My uncle rented a minivan so everyone could fit. It was kind of cool out since the sun was still sleeping. I wished I was still asleep myself. We loaded all of our bags into the van. Then we headed back in to make sandwiches for the road. My cousin and I made the sandwiches and pack the rest of the snacks into the cooler. Everyone used the restroom for the final time and off we went. Well so we thought. The van was full. There was seven of us myself included. My uncle stopped for gas and then we got breakfast. Right when we were about to turn onto the highway my aunt said she need to go back. We all asked why. She replied back “I forgot my medicine”. The minivan turned around and headed back towards the house. Once we arrived back at the house my uncle ran in to get the medicine.
Now we were off to South Carolina. It takes about five hours and thirty minutes to get from Atlanta to South Carolina. Since it was still early I decided to take a nap. This however did not go as I had planned. I could not find sleep or it could…

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