Summer Vacation - Original Writing Essay

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As the school year began coming to an end, and summer vacation was drawing closer, my long awaited plans of staying home, relaxing, and spending time with my girlfriend and buddies were finally going to become a reality, everything was going perfect and according to plan. But things were looking too good to be true, and of course they were.
My girlfriend Luz came up with the idea of signing us both up for summer classes, so that we can be able and get ahead with our college studies. In the beginning I was very whatever about it, I didn’t really want to take a summer course because of the plans I had in mind but I started realizing that this is for the better, and that my girlfriend was only trying to help me because she cares about me, and wishes for me to become successful, and wants me to stay productive during these months of summer vacation.
She bugged me and urged me every day to get the paper work ready, and at times would fill out most of the information on the sheets, because I probably would have forgotten and not done it. I would accompany her to the Student Center to acquire all the necessary information and materials for the both of us to be able to take our courses, she did all the talking for me because she is familiar with how signing up works, she has taken 2 course prior to this summer session, so she basically signed me up and did everything for me, all I had to do was pay for the course.
Luz could have just not dealt with me and just wouldn’t have signed…

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