Summer Season Essay

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General Conversation About the Different Seasons with Nursery Children.

Hello, children today in this class we will talk about different seasons in the world. We will learn many new things with this activity.
Climate everywhere does not remain a same whole year. Sometimes its too hot and on sometimes we feel too cold.
Do you know how many seasons do we have?
Well, we have five types of seasons everywhere in the world. They are summer season, rainy season, autumn season, winter season and spring season.
How do we feel during these seasons? Let’s know about all five seasons one by one.

Summer Season
The very first season is summer season. In the summer season, it is very hot and sunny days. Sun shines brightly and we do not feel comfortable.
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Schools get holidays in this season due to very hot climate. We call it summer holidays. So that everybody can relax at their home. Every child enjoys these holidays.
And what we like to do in these holidays? How do we want to spend these days so we feel the lesser heat?
Our families plan vacations for hilly areas such as Mussoorie, Shimla, Kashmir etc. We like to spend time there for few days as we do not feel the heat, the cold air there makes us happy.
In different seasons we wear different clothes too. So, for the summer season, everybody loves to wear cotton and light clothes. We should wear thin clothes in this season as we will not feel hot in them. Boys can wear cotton shirts, shorts, and cap, girls can wear cotton frocks, skirt, top, and hat.
We should not wear dark color clothes in summer or we will feel more heat.
Just like clothes, foods are also eaten as per the season. What do fruits and vegetables we get in Summer season?
We get fruits like Mangoes, watermelons, muskmelon, and litchis only in summer season. They are called seasonal fruits. Similarly, are seasonal vegetables like lady’s fingers, cucumber, spinach, and bitter gourd. They are available only in
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Rainy season
The next season that comes after summer is Rainy Season. When we get rain from the sky with clouds all over our heads and water everywhere on the roads. This season we call as rainy season. Everyone enjoys this season after going through hot days of summer. The clouds hide the sun in this season. The Rainy season remains till four months. July, August, and September. It is also called as Monsoon season.
Children like to play on the streets and getting wet in the rain. Some children make paper boats to play with them outside their homes and love watching the little boats sailing on the rainwater.
Do you know how to make paper boats? If not, then today ask your mother or elder sister or brother to teach you on how to make the one. When you’ll learn to make a boat than you can use that boat to sail in the rainy season. How much fun it will be to watch your little boats sailing on the water and you will be its captain! How happy you will feel doing this!
In rainy season we get special dishes to eat. Many people love to eat corn on this season, some also drink hot tea and enjoy watching the rain from their

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