Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt : The Book Thief Essay

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Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt - The Book Thief

In the novel, The book Thief by Markus Zusak, the exciting tale if Liesel Meminger is told. The intriguing , sad, and suspenseful story would not be the same without its defining characters, setting, conflicts, and theme. All of these aspects come together to create an amazing Novel. To start, The Book Thief includes many different characters, all who play an important part in the plot. A character that could be considered a best friend is Rudy Steiner. Rudy could be considered a best friend due to the important character traits he possesses. Most prominently, Rudy is a very trustworthy person. He shows this trait at many points in the book. For example, on page 517 Liesel confronts Rudy before revealing her deepest secret, “Rudy, if I tell you a something will you promise not to say a word to anyone?” “Of course”... “promise” “I did already.” “Do it again, you can’t tell your mother, your brother, or even Tommy Müller.” “I promise.” After this dialogue was exchanged, time continued on as usual. Never, did Rudy share Liesel’s secret. This proved his trustworthy quality. Also, Rudy’s trust was shown when he and Liesel stole together. Commonly, she would do the stealing as he stood guard. In an excerpt from page 459 this is shown. “The boy was beneath the window standing watch” When Liesel traveled to steal, she purposefully invited Rudy. She knew that he was a trustworthy person who would watch, help, and then never…

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