Essay about Summer of the Monkeys: Jay Berry and His Conflicts

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Summer of the Monkeys: Jay Berry and His Conflicts


Topic: Jay Berry

Purpose: To identify the nature of the force of the conflict which Jay
Berry encounters, and indicate how they help or hinder Jay Berry the protagonist in Wilson Rawls novel Summer of the Monkeys

Thesis: Before Jay Berry succeeds his goal he encounters many conflicts that both hinder and help him through his amazing adventure.

I. Inner Forces A. Help- personality traits 1. Determination 2. Confidence

II. B. Hinder 1. Fear 2. Over confidence

III. Outer Forces A. Help- other people 1. Grandpa 2. Old Rowdy

IV. B. Hinder 1. Monkeys 2. Environment

"It is every boys dream to own a
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One of the most important outer forces that helped Jay Berry through his adventure was his Grandpa. He was always the one that Jay Berry can talk to when he needs help with his monkey catching, and like most Grandpa's he said all of the right things.
Another significant thing that his Grandpa did for him was make him decide to give up his dreams and pay for daisy's crippled leg. Another outer force that
Jay Berry could depend upon was his trusty dog Old Rowdy. Of course Old Rowdy can't speak but Jay Berry felt that Rowdy could really understand him and his feelings. Jay Berry felt secure telling Rowdy things and knowing know one else would find out. This was, if not the most significant outer force that helped
Jay Berry along his incredible journey.

Finally, there is a always is a bad thing when there's a good thing. Some of the outer forces that were aligned against Jay Berry's success was of course the monkeys, and the natural environment played a big part in hindering Jay
Berry. The monkeys were the main protagonists aligned against Jay Berry. The monkeys hindered Jay Berry with their intellectual abilities and also their physical attributes. Jay Berry did not know what he was going up against when he took on the challenge of catching the escaped circus monkeys. They outsmarted Jay Berry many times making Jay Berry looking like a buffoon. Also

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