Summer Internship Essay

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At the start of my summer internship, the company took us on a tour of the facilities. One of the main points of the tour is their new Life fitness center on the campus. This tour happened at about eleven in the morning and there were people taking work out classes, running on the track, and working out in the gym. The question I posed for this situation was, how do larger companies try to encourage a more healthy work environment and lifestyle? As well as, how do people respond to having free time in their work schedule to be active instead of working at a desk all day? These are important questions that should be answered because of the health risks that are associated with working at a desk all day. Another reason is that it goes against …show more content…
The other interns that are here for the summer have participated in both going out to the bars and going to a beer festival. The beer festival was a one initial cost of $40.00 whereas going to the bar they had to pay the cover at the door and for each drink they bought. The interns spent a more significant amount of time at the beer fest then they did at a bar and were overall happier with their experience. Why did the interns enjoy their time more at a beer festival rather than at the bar? Does this go back to the concept that Ariely proposed about free items? Were they more willing to spend more money in total just to be able to have free beer throughout the event? These were questions that I had when they came back from each event. I find this would be important to study for a business model or even just to expand on Ariely’s studies. In my opinion, I think this is due to convenience. The interns were more likely to go to the beer festival because they only had the hassle of paying once and then could receive as much beer as they wanted. It also gave was really easy for them to add variety because if they did not like the one they chose they could easily get another one for

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