Summary of Triumph of the Nerds Essay

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In the early 1980’s computers were unknown. The only real computers were called mainframe computers and they took up an entire room in size. They used a special code called binary that only worked with 1’s and O’s. All of the data had to be inputted by stretches of tape or by flipping switches. It took people to develop a computer language for the computer to take off. The first language was called Cobal and it was followed by Fortran and Basic. Because of the large size of computers, having one would require having space big enough to house a room size machine. It took a company named Intel and its founder Gordon Moore, to develop a microprocessor, which shrunk down the size of the processor by placing millions of transistors on a single …show more content…
The presentation was a success so Gates, at the age of nineteen left Harvard University and started a company with Allen, this company was called Microsoft. With this interpreter, people were able to attach terminals to the Altair and start programming programs to it. Soon people started attaching terminals to the computers and started writing games, word processors and accounting programs. After the success of Altair, others jumped on the computer making bandwagon. By the end of 1975, dozens of companies were developing micro-computers. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started their computer company out of their garage. They named this company Apple and set out to make a better computer. Apple was the first mass marketed computer company. Steve Wozniak was the technical wizard and Steve Jobs was the visionary who saw microcomputers as a possible business. The first Apple computer was primitive and it was put together by Wozniak to impress his friends at Homebrew meetings. The Apple 1 was less of a computer than the Altair, it had no case and no keyboard, but Steve Jobs was able to sell 50 Apple 1’s. That experience showed him that there was a market for computers, thus the Apple 2 was created. With the genius of Wozniak the Apple 2 was created but money was needed to make computers for people to buy. Jobs went and met with venture capitalist Arthur Rock and secured the funding needed to make their dream a reality. Wozniak and Jobs finished

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