Essay on Summary of Special Education Laws and Court Cases

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Case Year Effect
Brown vs. Board of Education 1954 Inclusion 14th amendment
PARC vs. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1972 FAPE, no cost, no deny mental retard.
Stuart vs. Nappi 1978 Student stay in school despite bad behavior
Armstrong vs. Kline 1979 Extended school year services
Hendrick Hudson School vs. Rowley

contested IDEA and lost.
Board of Education v. Rowley 1982 Individual plan & supportive services. A program of a special child is compared to the program of a none disabled for appropriateness.
Abrahamson vs. Hershman 1983 If residential placement is required, school must provide it via district funds
Dept of Ed. vs. Katherine D 1984 Home bound is not LRE [Least Restrictive Environment], receive medical services
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Educating students with disabilities is still NOT mandated by federal or state law. However, creation of the Bureau signified that a change was on the horizon.
1972 Two significant supreme court decisions [PARC v.Pennsylvania (1972) and

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