Summary : Where Worlds Collide Essay

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In the informational text ¨What is cultural Identity¨ by Elise Trumbull and Maria Pacheco it states, ¨Children begin to develop a sense of identity as individuals and as members of groups from their earliest interactions with others¨ (8). In other words, if our cultural impact begins at such a young age it must follow us into adulthood. Therefore, one’s culture greatly informs the way one views others and the world.
One reason I believe one’s culture greatly informs the way one views others and the world is because society can have a huge impact. For example, in the story ‘Where Worlds Collide” by Pico Iyer, a group of people from a different country, walk into Los Angeles completely overwhelmed with new surroundings. “They come out, blinking, into the bleached, forgetful sunshine, in Dodgers caps and Rodeo Drive T-shirts, with the maps their cousins have drawn for them and the images they’ve brought over from Cops and Terminator 2; they come out, dazed, disoriented, heads still partly in the clouds, bodies still several time zones- or centuries- away, and they step into the Promise Land” (50). The point this is making is, They grew up in a country that wasn’t as active, which leading them into coming to Los Angeles, they were utterly and completely absent-minded and aghast coming into this new environment. Also, the way they view this other part of the world was only through watching movies, leading them to believe all of America was truly like that. Another Example is in…

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