Summary : ' The Night ' Essays

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***Beth 's POV***

After what seemed like forever Jacob finally choose a hotel to stay at. It was an okay looking hotel, it was not one of the worst ones, but it was one of the nicer ones. We make our into the hotel, to check in. Jacob and the women started talking and again, I spaced out, and thought of leaving him, when the night fell upon us.

Jacob tells me that he is ready to leave to the room, I just follow him. We walk in complete silence, all the way to the room. Once and a while I look to him and think, why did he pick me, at of all the girls in the world he picked me. The girl that just casually trapped him and his friends, in their own home, and just killed them.

***Jacob 's POV***

As we walk to the room I can notice that Beth would look at me. When she did that I would think about, what people thought about us being together. Would it have been different if she was a regular fan. What if I had to fight to get her to be mine. I am happy at times that I didn 't have to compete to get her attention. Would it have ended differently, would someone else call her theirs.

I was so lost in my thoughts, that I didn 't even notice that we were just a few steps away from the door of the room. I reach into my pockets and grab the door key and swipe it, to let us in the room. I immediately go to the bed, I was so tired from driving all day, that once I get comfortable I fall asleep.

***Beth 's POV***

Now that Jacob is asleep it is my chance to escape, and just do the…

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