Summary : ' The Nemesis ' Essay example

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- P.S. at the beginning of the story is positive that he will pass the test, that is why he asks people do they know a certain Latin word or sentence (Bryan 152). However, when P.S. went to go back to his room and study, realizing he needed more practice, he would get distracted by looking at the window randomly and it could have been another reason for why he can’t conquer his nemesis (Bryan 153). His nemesis is Latin and if he wanted to, he could conquer his nemesis by staying in one spot and blocking distractions from his mind, but soon his studying time was a waste. In addition, when P.S. describes how his father is always disappointed in him and never shows love, that could have affected P.S.(Bryan 155). Meanwhile, it was time to take the exam and what may have caused him to change, was when Charlie was telling P.S. the exam looked “tough” (Bryan 162).
- As a result, while P.S. was reading his exam his noticed how he had forgotten how to translate sentences. He got nervous, but realized that his translations where in the desk. P.S. ended up cheating and afterwards it had a big affect on him. P.S. was very paranoid and was scared that if his dad found out that he would be the biggest disappointment ever (Bryan 167-168). Also, P.S. acted weird towards people after the exam (Bryan 167).
- The title of the story seems to foreshadow consequences in life, consequences that involve life being unfair to a specific person that gets treated differently and thinks it is wrong. In…

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