Summary : ' The Latino Treat Narrative ' Essay

3459 Words Jun 9th, 2015 14 Pages
Alan Bialostozky
Comm 100C
Professor McMurria
Spring 2015
Take home exam #3
Leo Chavez article “The Latino Treat Narrative” proposes a well-supported narrative to the nation’s anti-immigration discourse displayed by the media mostly in the USA. In this article, Chavez gives a critical overview and discussion about the images, stereotypes and falsified truths reproduced in society using and crafting recycled myths created by media experts, corrupt politicians, and people who openly hate immigrants from a Latino background. Chavez closely examines how “citizenship” has been seen and discussed through the legal organizations as a form of unity in the country through social and political participation. He claims that just critiquing discourse is certainly not enough and shows that the evidence provided by certain articles and magazines are mostly myth based, “ as many as 10 to 15 million or more illegal aliens were flooding into the county at a time”. Chavez explains how most of these numbers were very difficult to truly calculate and how these kinds of statistics were just put inside magazines to scare people without actually having the depth and understanding they need to know what those numbers truly mean. This fear although it has been around for a long time only got exacerbated right after 9/11. Chavez uses different kinds of methods like challenging what American think of Latinos and how they actually help rather than hurt the US. He also provides a sample of images…

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