Wayne Dyer Fight Against Slavery

A famous author and psychologist named Wayne Dyer said, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don 't know anything about.” Dyer expresses his feelings on the people’s natural reaction to reject things that are not what they are use to. This nature has showed its ugly head throughout the society of humanity. From the ancient Egyptians to modern american history, the rejection of new things by nature has always been in the scene. This was revealed in early american history with the practice of slave trade in the united states.
Slavery is one of the major stains in the history of the united states. Slavery was also one of the key things that shaped the states into what it is today. This is because of the amount of conflict
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Though the majority of them were to scared to do anything, there were plenty of white people who did not agree with slavery. This was later more proven when the civil war happened and it later lead to the end of slavery. As there was many blacks that stood up to slavery, so was there whites that stood up against it, and many of them held power in the government. Some of these men included several presidents, including some of the more most famous, such as Abraham Lincoln and John Quincy Adams. Both men spoke highly against slavery in their times in the government. Adams was against slavery during his early career, but made an impact after his Presidency. Adams was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives after his term ended. In the house, Adams, at the time, was described as a loud, lonely voice when it came to slavery. Adams fought slavery in the government at a time when the opposition to slavery by the north hadn’t been announced yet. During his time in the House, Adams spent eight years fighting the gag rule which automatically tabled any petition attacking slavery, and was eventually victorious. He also took on the defense of the slaves who mutinied aboard the Amistad. In the same context, Abraham Lincoln, though it is debated whether he was a full abolitionist or not, spent most of career in …show more content…
It was going to take conflict and battles in order to tear slavery from the roots of the country. The abolishment of slavery came from a undefined unitement between the blacks and whites and moral agreement that slavery was not right. Though usually they never spoke or planned with each other, but by their natural feelings of what’s right and wrong, people, both black and white, worked together to end slavery. It wasn’t done by slavery just being kicked out the door, it was done by a united undermining of the slave trade. The abolitionists made slave owning so difficult and none worthwhile that it became not worth while to most owners to keep slaves anymore. This was done many ways, from protests from renowned white politicians to black slaves rising up and murdering slave owners and burning plantations to the ground. To further, once the war began, the slave trade became even more dangerous as the slaves began to learn what the war was about. The abolishment of slavery was done through a natural understanding of human equality and knowing what was right and wrong. Both blacks and whites fought to end slavery, not all at once, but in a unison of small acts until slave trading was not worth the effort anymore. Though the methods of the two skin colors differed from each other, they both had the same goal and the moral of the protests were the same. The people knew that they were equal to one another, and they battled for

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