Sexuality And Feminity

Sexuality and Feminity
Bapsi Sidhwa talks about such society in which the sexuality is forbidden topic. Even though the people are indulged in adultery but the society does not permit them to accept it as social norm. They commit it but hide it. Bapsi Sidhwa highlights such hypocrisy of the society. She has taken the patriarchal societies as subject-matter in which she has clearly depicted the women's difficult and sad situation in hands of men. This novel sheds light on the status of women in society especially on the miserable life of widows and shows the dominance of men and women's subjugation. There are various ways by which men marginalize women; sexuality is one of them.
The women are assaulted sexually but this assault does not let
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This novel WATER has portrayed the pathetic life of women specially widows in society that how they are treated like animals and men use them to satisfy their physical lust. Women are toys and puppets of men in the patriarchal society. The cases of Madhumati, Kalyani and Chuyia show that sexuality has shaped all the widows life in sub-continent. Most pathetically, the widows are not only treated ill-omened and not only deprived of little desires rather they are taken as object of sex. The widows willingly become prey to men because they have no other option to earn money or to earn them food. The rich men gets widows involved in sexuality but only widows are held responsible for it as they are taken as threats to society. As Bhagya speaks to herself, "woman's sexuality and fertility which has been so valuable to her husband in his lifetime, is converted into a potential danger to the morality of the community upon the death of his husband." It is also the reason that widows get discarded from the …show more content…
She works as a prostitute to support Madhumati. Kalyani desires to get rid of filthy sexual life, with the help of Shakuntala, she accompanies Narayan to his town in hope of free life but when she saw the mansion of his father, she learns that his father has been client to her. Shattered Kalyani comes back and drown herself in Ganga-river. This is the thing which stands in front of her when she has left it back. The Sexuality of her past shapes her life.
It can be concluded that the novel Water depicts the position of women particularly of widows in sub-continent in 1930's. The society is completely a patriarchal society and the men possess all the powers. Women are compelled to live subordinate life. Women are of no use for society except marrying and having

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