Summary: Reoccupation Of Britain And Germany In The World War

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Register to read the introduction… Results: o British approval of Germany’s right to rearm (disapproval of Versailles) → France and Italy were angered o Stresa front broken

Reoccupation of Rhineland 1936

While the League was busy dealing with the Ethiopian affair, German troops reoccupied Rhineland defying Locarno treaties & treaty of Versailles
Hitler tried to reassure France & Belgium with offers to sign peace pacts

German army was still weak → Enemies could have easily defeated them
Generals were nervous & ready to withdraw at first sign of trouble
Humiliating for Hitler and generals → coup d’etat

Britain & France distracted by Ethiopia
Britain: sympathetic (believed Germans were only moving back to their own back garden → appeasement, they were impressed by Hitler’s 25-year peace offer.
France: Didn’t mobilise. France wasn’t willing to take action without British support. France was divided, there had been riots. The French as the British were ready to see how Hitler would behave in the future.

Hitler was encouraged to take further gambles → he underestimated allies
Hitler was popular → almost impossible to move against
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Neither the Czechs nor the Soviets.
They all agreed that the Czechs had to give the Sudetenland to Germany or they would have to fight Germany alone.
Czechoslovakia accepted


Germany strengthen by surrender of mountain fortifications
Czechs lost mountain fortifications → easier to attack → balance of power→Germany o Millions of Czechs o Industry → armaments o Raw materials
Poland seized the Teschen district → coalmines & Hungary took land: they were encouraged to side Hitler
Chamberlain → hero (short term)
Soviet Union worried the west would do nothing to stop Hitler→they feared they would have to face the Germans alone
Hitler’s ambitions increased→believed Britain and France wouldn’t stand up to him.

Czechoslovakia Destroyed 1939

Hitler claimed the Czech government had lost control and that a civil war would break if Germany didn’t

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