Essay on Summary : ' Real Food Matters For Health '

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Annotated Bibliography
Crocker, Susan H.V. "Real Food Matters for Health." Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services 48.10 (2010): 48-54. Web. 17 Oct. 2015.
Diet has been linked to various illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular syndromes, and depression. However, eating natural and real food can limit a person’s chances of receiving illnesses.
In the 1930s, an Ohio dentist, Weston Price, conducted an experiment in which he searched for an isolated group of people who do not eat modern, processed food. He discovered these people in remote regions of the world, and they lived off of a traditional diet (limited refined flour, sugar, canned and preserved food, and vegetable oils). After a tedious and time-consuming experiment, he observed that these people lacked tooth decay as well as chronic diseases.
Furthermore, in 2006, Hibbeln, Niemen, Blasbalg, Riggs, and Lands conducted a study that observed the effects of omega-3 fatty acid consumption of the Western diet on various health issues ranging from stroke to suicide. They concluded that large amounts of this fatty acid leads to systemic inflammation. As omnivores, humans can eat just about anything. This is an ability that humans have been taking advantage of for centuries. However, in the midst of the increasingly processed food of the modern world, humans must learn to properly select “real” food. For example, juice companies are starting to add calcium, a mineral for bones, into their orange…

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