Summary : Pediatric Robotic Urologic Surgery Essay

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Summary of Pediatric robotic urologic surgery-2014 James T. Kearns and Mohan S. Gundeti have written Pediatric robotic urologic surgery-2014 Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons /July-September 2014 / Vol. 19 / Issue 3. The article gives their opinion on the importance of Pediatric robotic surgery. Authors believe that Pediatric robotic surgery has become the way of the future of surgery. With the advances being made in this type of surgery procedures are being performed more effectively, compared to how they were in the past. India has a large population of children which gives pediatric robotic surgery more potential for growth. As the use of robotic surgery has become more commonly used, the costs of specialized robotic equipment is declining. Recently the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of robotics during surgical procedures. Surgeons being able to use robotics has advanced pediatric surgeries in many ways. They have allowed operations on many areas that were deemed impossible to reach in the past. Their use is less invasive in comparison to the old procedures. After the first successful robotic assisted renal reconstruction surgery, the use of robotics spread rapidly. Robotics are now commonly used in surgeries performed on kidneys, ureteral replantation and appendicovesicosty. (Kearns) Authors write the results of robotic assisted surgeries have been very good. Kearns states “In terms of morbidity and surgical outcomes,…

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