Summary : ' Paradise ' Essay

1590 Words Jul 15th, 2015 7 Pages
Thomas was stunned of what he did, looking back at where he had been with Brenda back in the scorch and… now he had her closer than ever. He felt her body heat and loved the way she had always laid her head on his shoulder. He felt her hand in his hand and without looking he squeezed it, telling Brenda that he felt safe with her at the moment. She didn’t squeeze back, hurting Thomas for a slight second then he forgot about it quickly. Not trying to care a lot, knowing he had to think of other things, but … he couldn’t, the fact of thinking about what had happened to him the past weeks would bring horrible memories about his friends, especially Teresa. He still didn’t know what to do about his feelings for her, he thought about her sometimes without even trying, wondering if he still did like her. Instead he wanted to think about the present and his future, he turned his head up to the sky, gazing at the stars wondering what he would do if Brenda wanted to go to sleep beside him… would he want that to happen? Or didn’t he… he just didn’t know, all this torment from WICKED made him so confused lately, since he still wasn’t sure what his relationship with Teresa was before WICKED. Now that she was gone, he--- “Are you okay, Thomas” it was Brenda, she had lifted her head from his shoulder, staring at him with her eyes in front of his in the dark. For a moment, he wondered if she knew what he was thinking about, it could have been possible---she did talk to him back in…

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